Spin To Win!!! Win up to £1000🤩

Ticket Price : £1.99 | Total Ticket : 600

Please be patient. We are picking winners!

About This Competition

Here are the rules on our new game SPIN TO WIN.

1. We start at £250 cash, the rules are the same as any other draw we use the Google Random number generator in this case 1-600. The winner of the draw will move onto the next stage to increase their win.

2. We call the winner on the live draw, this is where we give them the first question, Red or Black? Once they have decided we spin the Roulette wheel and see what it lands on.
If they answer correctly their £250 instantly increases to £500 cash

If they answer incorrectly their prize stays at £250

3. The next question is for £1000, we give the winner the choice between 1-36, once they have chosen their number we spin again to see what it lands on.

If it lands on their chosen number they will win £1000 cash

If it doesn’t land on the number they chose it will be whatever they accumulated before the final question e.g. if they answered the first question correctly it would be £500 cash.

If it lands on 0 throughout any of the questions the person wins a Mug and gets to spin again.

If we don’t manage to contact the winner we will resort to using the google number generator and the online spinning wheel to decide.